The Coolest Bug Ever

I’ve been coding a long time, and have never seen anything like this happen so accidentally.

There’s nothing random in the code that directs this mining beam. No reason I can imagine that it’s doing this, but it seems like it’s catching the terrain nearest to it.

I vote we figure out why it happened, and keep it–on a short leash.

Simian Rising Coming Soon

Simian Rising will soon be available on Steam Early Access!

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the launch screen. Some worlds are just nice.

Some Fun With The Launch Screen

Stopped for a moment to record this in the launch screen. The opening here is a stripped down version of the game itself.

I’ve never seen a UFO myself, but I’ve heard it might look a little bit like this.

Simian Rising Resource Management Improvements

As usual I’ve been grinding on Simian Rising, and for the last couple of days the focus has been resource management.

The idea is to easily store and manage enough resources that you can build and wreck lots of things before you have to worry about resources again. Ultraterrestrials don’t grind, so we’re gonna need some seriously efficient resource management.

Here is that system in its early stages.

Pretty fast, right?

Announcing Simian Rising: An Ultraterrestrial Simulator by All Caps Industries

Simian Rising is a fast paced, build and shoot UFO flight simulator that takes place in a sprawling multiverse.

Take control of a UFO of unimaginable power. Modify it to improve handling, combat capabilities, resource collection, and your perception of the world.

Chop down mountains and drill through terrain for fun and profit.

For more detailed information about the game, please visit the project homepage!